Innovation & Collaboration Platform

Introducing a New Platform for Entrepreneur360

Whether you are part of a business, organization or self-employed, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the free tools that will help you excel. 

Entrepreneur360 brings your own 

Innovation and Collaboration Platform


A Free Platform to Help you Grow and Prosper

If you have a company/organization email address,checkout:  and sign up for FREE.

●      Want help with an idea? Sign up and ask anyone to join your team

●       Looking for team members to help you? You can find them in our community

●       Looking for investors? When you’re ready, we can help put you in front of them


Access it Anytime, Anywhere!

slider-img1aa  helps take ideas from “ideation” to the next level!

We also have a very cool Resources Portal with a ton of curated content, and a Discussions Portal where you can ask questions, start a discussion or share cool info about events, successes, etc.

Also, you can private message other people in the community, as long as their Profile is public.

Questions? Ask us! Or click on the “?” on any page of the private community, and you’ll hear back from our Community Manager.


What to do next? It’s simple…

Sign up to 

1.- Create your Profile to let the community know who you are and why you’re here.  Be sure to make your profile “public ­facing” so others can find you.

a.- Go to User Settings > Make My Profile Public > check off each user type so that people can message you

b.- Everything you do will be private, until you choose to share


2.- Start to create an Idea. You can attach Documents, invite People to join your team (you can select their title and access privileges), and then create Goals and Tasks

3.- If you need help, invite either (Rob or Karl) to join your team, and we can collaborate with you right on the platform!

4.- Check out the Resources Portal to see what kind of cool curated content is available

5.- You can ask questions or start a discussion by going to the Discussions Portal

6.- Check out the new Ideas in the community. You can follow them by “liking it” (click the heart), and each one will be in your Dashboard next time you log in!

7.- Check out the people in the community. If you find someone you want to connect with, you can Private Message them (if their feature is enabled)

8.- Questions ­ ask us, or click on the “?” in the bottom right of each page to connect to Jessica, the Ideator Community Manager. She will get back with you!